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For whatever reason you need to  quickly sell a house, we can pay cash for it and close quickly.  You don't pay us a commission fee meaning you pay us nothing ever.  You do not need to do repairs or anything to it for that matter. We pay with cash and close very quickly. You pay no closing costs. Real Estate purchases are made simple  with your needs and personal situation in mind. 

Maybe it's the house up the street from your home that is bringing down the value of your house. Maybe a relative or friend is going through a pre-foreclosure or a divorce.  . We avoid the banks for easier quicker purchases and allowing you to move ahead with your life easier.


We buy houses fast with cash, all over New England

We buy distressed houses for many reasons.  If you know of one, give us the addreess and any owner information you may  know. WE  WILL PAY FINDERS" FEES FOR YOUR LEADS THAT WE BUY

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Keeping your time and money in mind

Selling can be a troublesome process. With the showings and scheduling the time to prepare your house can be significant.  An OFFER finally comes in but the bank then denies  the BUYER  their loan! We have seen this happen too often. We buy with Cash and often you can pay no Seller's Closing Costs when we buy your house.

Problems can Arise

So many times a bank requires a house to pass FHA guidelines in order for the bank to  lend to any buyer the right to purchase a specific house. IF the house fails this bank inspection, you do not sell your house and start the showings all over again. 

Your Sale, Why ?

Why are you selling ?  Do you own a vacant property or one that needs work to be sold on the MLS with "that bank" involved here again in YOUR sale. Often times we can help end a pre-foreclosure process ending your stress and anguish in the process. How would that feel to you? The ability to end the anguish and easily move on with your life without this fear and doubt any longer in your mind every day. 

When do you want to sell your house

Many times in cases of relocation , job loss, even a divorce or pre-foreclosure, do limit your time to a narrow window for your sale.  When you work and sell to us, your sale is scheduled with you in mind.  We buy with cash and there is no bank time limit to your buyer nor their interference in the process.

Why are people thinking of selling a house

A biggest asset or a bigger expense? Yes often people sell to upgrade their lifestyle. Does this mean an easier life?  Often times the  thought of a large mortgage payment is no longer a priority but a problem. Imgaine that pain lifted from you month to month. Now you can use that money elsewhere without that mortage burden, month after month. 

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Contact us for a free no-obligation consultation. We buy houses and commercial real estate  in Worcester county as well as all over New England. Let us know your needs so we can help you. Most times the sooner you contact us the better it is for you.

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